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Made to order custom loan and liquidity solutions for shareholders, company founders, executives and block traders.

Quick Approvals

Our step-by-step process creates a quick Term Sheet and a FAST funding.  If it’s a stock secured line of credit or a loan secured by shares owned by you we can help.


Fast Funding and Low Fees

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Control Block Holders

At Numerian Capital, we structure flexible financing for control block holders and companies that want to sell stock quickly. Additionally, we help create stable long term growth conditions for public companies. 

Company Founder? Need working Capital?

Company Founder’s sometimes need additional working capital to expand or buy more inventory.

Founders also need extra capital for marketing, branding and advertising or to pay off debt that is preventing them from growing their business. We can provide a quality loan secured by shares of your company.

Borrow against your most Valuable Asset, Your Securities

With trading hubs in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo, we can structure a financing product in any market throughout America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

$250,000 - $25-Million

Secured loan amounts from $250,000 to $25-Million.   Get your personal loan secured by stock.

Borrow against your stock portfolio quickly and easily.

Borrow against stock without selling. Securities based line of credit to help you today! We can also loan against founders stock.

Cryptocurrency Assets

Borrow against your cold storage or exchange held Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum and newly issued coins through an ICO

Quick Funding and Turnaround

Most securities based lenders need tons of information to start the process.  Our stock loans begin with a Stock Loan Form (Intake Form) to get started followed by a Term Sheet, approval and then Funding.

Competitive Interest Rates and LTV's

Competitive Interest Rates and Attractive LTV’s on Block Trades and Stock Pledges.

Easy Loan Documents and Signings

Easy loan documents and signing’s via courier and notary


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Cryptocurrency Holders

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Block Trades

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Our Team

We love what we do and helping our customers is our #1 Priority

Scott Messier

Scott Messier


Scott Messier is a seasoned trader, investor and technology buff with over 33 years of floor and computer trading experience. An equity capital markets professional with extensive experience developing and managing relationships with senior-level management and institutional investors in industries including Cannabis, Technology and Media. Scott has a proven track record of successfully working with clientele to develop and implement equity capital-raising requirements, such as New Issues, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Private Placements. Scott’s wealth of knowledge includes trading in the OEX, Bond and S&P pits in Chicago to working with small hedge funds, private equity and seed capital for start-ups. Scott also has extensive experience with International Boutique M&A and Securities Lending Firms transacting in various types of securitized loans and other types of financial debt & equity transactions. He currently travels worldwide but lives in San Diego with his wife and 4-kids.

Manny Singh

Manny Singh


Manny Singh is a federal attorney who has over 30 years of Bankruptcy Law, mortgage modification and foreclosure defense experience. He has filed thousands of bankruptcies, modified mortgages and defended hundreds of cases in his career.
Manny received his law degree from the Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University in 1985. Prior to law school, he owned and operated a manufacturing company and several retail stores, experience he gained from helping run his father’s businesses in Canada.
In addition to running a successful law practice, he has continued as a successful entrepreneur and businessman founding his own realty and investment company, and mortgage corporation with affiliated offices in Florida and California.
Over the last several years he has phased out his legal practice and has almost exclusively devoted his time to buying distressed assets and raising money publicly and privately for various ventures.

The Numerian Capital team has over 5-decades of experience in the Capital Markets arena.  Their stock based loan programs, resources, quick access and funding and step-by-step system puts them light years ahead of their competition. The wealth of knowledge they have in the market place is amazing. If you need a loan against stock, this is the team to trust.

Jeff Coleman

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