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Made to Order Stock Loans



Made to order global financing, custom stock loans and liquidity solutions for shareholders, company founders, investor relations companies, executives and investors.

Securities Lending aka Stock Loans

Securities lending or stock loans is a very common method for an investor or shareholder to generate additional income or cash-flow on an existing stock portfolio. Non-transfer of title stock loans can provide an investor or shareholder the easiest and most practical way to raise immediate capital. A securities loan borrower is able to access the majority of the current value of his/her underlying securities position while maintaining access to the position and security for future increase in price and growth.  The loan agreement is unique and tailored for each individual investor and provides an overview of the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Shareholder Hedging and Alternative Assets

Current and former executives, founders, advisors and directors and many investor relations companies (IR Companies) are usually in possession of concentrated positions of a single company security. In order to diversify or free up cash, sometimes the shareholder is forced to sell some of the position in order to purchase other assets or consolidate debt.  Numerian Capital can assist with an alternative path to diversification and help with a loan so the shareholder can keep the stock. A stock loan is a simple and effective transaction designed to provide the borrower liquidity while retaining access to potential stock appreciation. Shareholders, insiders, directors and advisors can quickly put up their company stock in the form of a Non-Title Transfer-quickly and seamlessly. 

Quick Approvals

Our step-by-step process creates a quick Term Sheet and a FAST funding.  If it’s a stock secured line of credit or a loan secured by shares owned by you we can help.


Fast Funding and Low Fees

24/7/365 Support

Legal and Compliant

Business Development Managers

Experienced Agents

Control Block Holders

At Numerian Capital, we structure flexible loan financing for control block holders, founders and companies that want to receive a loan quickly and easily.  Additionally, we help create stable long term growth conditions for public companies.

Company Founder? Need a Real Estate Loan?

Company Founder’s sometimes need additional ways to purchase real estate or a personal asset.

Founders also need the ability to leverage their stock without liquidating the position and hurting their stock price. We can provide a quality loan secured by shares of your company quick and easy.  All subject to Rule 144 if currently an insider.

Borrow against your most Valuable Asset, Your Securities

With access to hubs in London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and Tokyo, we can structure a financing product in any market throughout America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We use your stocks as collateral for a loan.  It’s a simple process.

$100,000 - $50-Million

Secured loan amounts from $100,000 to $50-Million.   Get your personal loan secured by your stock.

Borrow against your stock portfolio quickly and easily.

Borrow against stock without selling. Securities based line of credit to help you today! We can also loan against founders stock under Rule 144 Guidelines.

Cryptocurrency Assets

Borrow against your cold storage or exchange held Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum and newly issued coins through an ICO

Quick Funding and Turnaround

Most securities based lenders need tons of information to start the process.  Our stock loans begin with a Stock Loan Form (Intake Form) to get started followed by a Term Sheet, Loan Documents and then Funding.

Competitive Interest Rates and LTV's

Competitive Interest Rates (4.5%-7%) and Attractive LTV’s (45%-70%) on Block Trade Programs and Stock Pledges.

Easy Loan Documents and Signings

Easy loan documents and signing’s via courier, notary and Docusign


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Cryptocurrency Holders

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Block Trading Program

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The Numerian Capital team has over 5-decades of experience in the Capital Markets arena.  Their stock based loan programs, resources, quick access and funding and step-by-step system puts them light years ahead of their competition. The wealth of knowledge they have in the market place is amazing. If you need a loan against stock, this is the team to trust.

Jeff Coleman

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Worldwide Custodians We Use

Good relationships are important to us especially quality custodians.  Here is a list of the current custodians we have access to.