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About US

Numerian Capital

We are Stock Loan Specialists

Numerian Capital specializes in providing loans against stocks from $100,000-$5,000,000 on a non-recourse basis through a term loan program (3-6 years) for shareholders, company founders, executives and block traders.

We are able to provide companies and individuals the ability to borrow against stock without selling for a stock secured loan. Through our lenders, we can offer innovative made to order stock secured loans with exceptional rates and quick fundings our competitors simply cannot provide due to our experience and pool of long term capital.

The Numerian Capital difference is clear, we can provide personal loans secured by stock as well as company loans secured by stock.  We have strong longstanding relationships and we provide customers with clear and easy to understand financing options. Structured financial solutions, excellent client service, solid liquidity and borrower protection.

Wether it’s a stock secured line of credit or a loan secured by shares, we work with our customers to understand their needs and above all create long-term relationships.

What We Do

With access to trading hubs in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo, we can help structure a secure loan against your stock in any market throughout America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We understand the needs of our customers and pride ourselves on working as a team to make each customer completely satisfied. We offer Escrowed Shares to give you the liquidity you need. Loans against securities is our specialty

Quick response, Term Sheet, Loan Docs, Sign and Funded!

Shareholders   Non Title Transfers

Pledged Shares

Securities Based (Stock Based) Lending on any exchange in the world.


Non Title Transfer Loans

We facilitate non-title transfer loans for individuals and companies.

Interest only, great rates, solid terms. 

No restrictions on use of money, fast closings and direct to lender.

How we work

Currently Numerian Capital, Inc. works exclusively with 2-International Funds with available capital to fund you loan. Our unique model enables us to take your securities and lend with no credit check or red tape like the bigger banks require.  Quick Approval, Easy Signing and Fast funding!

Key Lending Criteria

Numerian Capital, Inc. has key lending requirements but can sometimes work on an exception basis.  First and foremost each security (stock ) must be liquid and publicly traded with $30,000-$50,000 per day in USD trading dollar volume.  We only deal with free-trading shares that are at the TA (Transfer Agent) or in a brokerage account.