Adam Aron & Cramer Today On AMC Mining Acquisition, AMC Stock & Retail Investors || AMC UPDATE

AMC CEO Adam Aron & Jim Cramer had a discussion today about AMC acquiring a 22% stake in Hycroft Mining, AMC stock, & retail investors. AMC invested $27.9 Million into Hycroft Mining, along with renowned precious metal investor, Eric Sprott, who invested the same amount. Adam Aron explained the benefits that Hycroft Mining provides to AMC, as the company seeks to diversify its revenue streams, while also reinventing its core business model. This information is especially important for retail investors who have rallied behind heavily shorted stocks such as AMC stock & GME stock in order to rescue these companies from bankruptcy due to malicious short selling. This information is important for all retail investors, and for the entire stock market as a whole.

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