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Block Trades

Numerian Capital offers an alternative ways for you to sell your stock when a loan traditional loan is not available.  Facilitating a Block Trade is an easy way to create your exit strategy.  We offer Block Trades to a wide range of companies which in today’s world have been unable to obtain financing to achieve their market objectives.

• Ideal for low volume less attractive stocks

• 20%-40% Haircut

• Fully Confidential and Private

• Easy And Quick

• Zero 0% interest payable to lender

• Fully Executed Stock Purchase Agreement

 Block Trades to Raise Capital to purchase Real Estate

When a shareholder seeks liquidity on a concentrated securities position, Numerian Capital has the resources to help.  Sometimes clients require quick cash from a stock position to satisfy a debt, fund a real estate transaction or invest in a business by liquidating a large block of their position at a discount.

We can provide you a quote at the lowest possible discount depending on the stock liquidity and strength in the market.

To be considered for a block trade the transaction should be greater than USD $100,000

A Block Trade Transaction Includes:

  • A Competitive discount.
  • A Highly aggressive tranche amount.
  • A Quick transaction.
  • Shares and funds are transacted by DVP.

Block Purchase/ Criteria for trade:

  • The shares are not restricted and are free trading.
  • The shares have an average volume trading equal to USD$ 30,000 or more
  • Active daily trading volume should be shared
  • The trading history should have a minimum of 180 days
  • OTCQX securities are not Penny Stocks, because the criteria for quotation on the OTCQX requires these securities meet One (1) of these exclusions from the Penny Stock Rules:

    1. Net tangible assets  greater than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) if the company has been in operation at least Three (3) Years; or
    2. Net tangible assets of greater than Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000) if the company has been in operation less than Three (3) Years; or
    3. Revenue of at least Six Million Dollars ($6,000,000) for the last Three (3) Years.

The best way to begin our process for a Block Trade consideration is for you to fill out an EASY Block Trade Intake Form below and one of our Agents will get back with you. If you want to be contacted ASAP, please put “Call Me Now” along with your contact phone number in the message field below.

Easy Block Trade Intake Form

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