BROCTON — Emergency Medical Technician responder Dave Hazelton came before the Village Board on Wednesdayto make them aware of what is going on with Emergency Management Services in the state.

Hazelton discussed the EMS Cost Recovery Law, which goes into effect statewide July 8, meaning anytime the fire department or EMS calls for an Advanced Life intercept, there has to be a contract with the county in place. “If we don’t have a contract with the county,” he said, “then the county is going to bill that expense back to the fire department, to the tune of about $585 a time.”

Hazelton said the Fire Department may want to give up their Certificate of Need covering the village, and is unsure what the town of Portland is going to do, though town Supervisor Rich Lewis was in attendance Wednesday, and said they could turn their operation over to the county.

“We could probably just turn that whole Portland Ambulance service over to the county,” Lewis said. “We won’t get the bill. The county will deal with that.”

Hazelton said while he understands the Advanced Life aspect, he didn’t like that they also said that once they’re in the system, if they make a Basic Life call, that will be billed at a lower rate.

“Personally, that kind of sits sour with me,” said Hazelton. “I’m a volunteer giving up my time and somebody else is getting charged for it.”

Hazelton said it was up to the Village Board to decide whether to turn over the certificate, to which acting Brocton Mayor Craig Miller said he’s worked with town attorney Peter Clark to gain more information, with Clark saying he’ll do what he can.

“The county wants a contract but we don’t draw a contract with the county,” Clark said. “They’ll draw it with us and we haven’t seen anything yet. We can’t do what they don’t supply.”

In addition to the additional strain it puts on volunteers, Hazelton also said it adds another layer of supervision that could be unnecessary. “I’m a basic level EMT, I don’t care for somebody in Mayville to be looking over my shoulder,” he said.

Cassadaga and Falconer were discussed as other municipalities in the county that have entered into contract with the county, and with how the state works, Brocton Trustee Bryan Woleben is curious as to how it will be implemented so quickly.

“With all the changes and stuff, we know how things go through the state,” said Woleben. “How are you going to make that happen by July 8?”

No action was taken by the Village Board at Wednesday’s meeting, as they will wait for Clark to garner more information. The next meeting of the Brocton Village Board will be on Wednesday, July 20 at 6 p.m. at the Brocton Village Hall.

Information about the EMS Recovery Act can be found at

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