This video breaks down how you can use personalized images, gifs, and videos in your cold email outreach campaigns to get better conversion rates so you can generate more sales leads, build more links, get more press coverage, build more partnerships, and more!

Why do we even care about personalized media?

Using personalized images, GIFs, and videos can drastically improve your cold email outreach conversion rates. They can get you up to 3x the reply rate compared to cold emails that don’t have personalized media.

Lots of people send cold emails, but using personalized images, GIFs, or videos can help you stand out and make it much more likely that you get more leads and wins.

And there are lots of different types of email outreach that you can do leveraging personalized media, including:
– Sales lead generation
– Link building
– Guest posting
– Digital PR and getting press coverage
– Podcast outreach
– Affiliate outreach

And a ton more!

To make this all happen, we’re using two tools in this video:

1. Postaga ( – a cold email outreach platform that helps you to: 1) find the right websites/businesses/bloggers/podcasters to connect with; 2) get their contact details; and 3) send them personalized outreach emails

2. Nexweave ( – a personalized media platform that helps you to create personalized images, gifs, and videos tailored to your contacts.

The steps of this process involve:

1. Connecting your Postaga and Nexweave accounts (guides are here – and
2. Creating a template in Nexweave
3. Creating an email template in Postaga, inserting the Nexweave content into the template by hitting the Nexweave button in the template builder
4. Adding that email to a sequence
5. Creating an outreach campaign in Postaga that uses that sequence

For more info, here are some further resources:

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Nexweave –

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