Online marketplaces are nothing new. The world has seen a disruption in how business and engagement happens, given the exponential rate at which people are going online. There is an implicit expectation today that most transactions can be done online. Everyday we use platforms like Amazon or Ebay where a marketplace is created online to connect retailers and buyers.

Crowdinvesting or equity crowdfunding does just that for investing – we are an online marketplace allowing the average person to invest in businesses they believe in or that you may have never heard of with as little as US$ 500. Our model focuses on SMEs who, for the most part require funding to grow, expand and scale. We also ensure to elevate the governance for SMEs by requiring a standard set of documents that often don’t exist (i.e. business plans and financial forecasts).

Open minded Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Angel Investors should be excited about a one-stop-shop to source deals that have been presented in a structured and orderly manner. In addition, SMEs on Eureeca would have undergone a due diligence process making it easier for investors to gain access to businesses that are of interest in markets that they might be looking in.

Some VCs also want to co-invest for an SME where they put up a portion of the funds and the remaining is brought in through crowdinvesting to spread the word and create buzz and acquire brand ambassadors.

Our platform allows for a fragmented investment process to become simple, accessible and organised by bringing together investors and SMEs in one place from across the world and emerging markets.

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