There is so much to think about when creating an outreach campaign to get new clients… Lead enrichment, sending schedules, etc. 😵‍💫

It’s super easy to forget a step because on top of it all you’re trying to focus on creating an appealing campaign that will generate a maximum number of leads. And you should be able to dedicate all of your attention to that!

This is where the amazing lemlist campaign wizard comes in! It makes sure you complete all necessary steps when you cold email prospecting so that you only have to focus on writing an awesome message in the end!

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Create a New Campaign
01:12 – Add your Leads
01:57 – Enrich your Leads
02:12 – Decide on Lead Duplicates
02:32 – Automatically Synchronize Your CRM
02:53 – Define the Sending Schedule
03:27 – Choose the Sending Email Address

lemlist is a tool that lets you personalize your outreach campaigns to create meaningful relationships with your clients and prospects. We specialized in how to leverage cold emailing and multichannel outreach campaigns to find new clients and retain existing ones.

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