Do you know what the best part of Kickstarter is?

It’s the fact that apart from reaching your funding goal, you get to grow an audience. And if you fulfill your campaign’s promises, you can use the audience again to fund another project.

In this episode of Crowdfunding Demystified, you’ll hear Salvador Briggman talk to Conor, the founder of Inside Up Games. He has built several successful Kickstarter campaigns, and his latest is the biggest one yet.

He was able to grow a mind-blowing $730,000 for his latest board game, Earth. During the episode, you’ll hear Conor talk about:

  • How Kickstarter has changed over the years
  • Kickstarter stretch goals explained
  • How to approach your first Kickstarter

So if you’ve ever been on the fence about starting your first Kickstarter, then listening to this is a must. Conor started out running a construction management company and is now working on his tabletop game company full-time!

So take out your notebook, and enjoy your listen!

Resources and Tools Mentioned on the Show

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