Regulation crowdfunding is great for two things.

First, it helps you get seed capital for your dream business. That can be anything from a couple of thousand dollars to millions if you’re lucky enough.

However, apart from funding, you can use this money to do more. For example, you can build a cool product or something that changes the world.

And today’s guest is an excellent example of that!

In this episode of Crowdfunding Demystified, you’ll hear Salvador Briggman talk to Jim, the CFO of Alpine-X. His team raised a jaw-dropping $1.38 Million for the company, which aims to make snowsports more accessible for everybody in North America.

And instead of going the usual route of finding funding on WeFunder, he used an alternative platform called Republic, which allows campaigns to gather investors rather than backers.

During your listen, you’ll hear Jim talk about:

  • Why people enjoy crowdfunding campaigns
  • Tips for getting the word out about your campaign
  • Why you should go with Republic to fund your business

So if you’ve ever been on the fence about starting your own crowdfunding campaign, then listening to this is a must. Not only will you get some motivation for creating your own, but you’ll also get some insight that increases your chances of success.

So take out your notebook, and enjoy your listen!

Resources and Tools Mentioned on the Show

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