So you want to crowdfund your project but don’t know what investors actually care about?

I believe that you can learn a lot from people who have successfully done what you are trying to do. And if you can find someone who has done it recently, even better!

If your goal is to generate over six figures for your startup, wait until you hear from today’s guest!

In this episode of Crowdfunding Demystified, you’ll hear Salvador Briggman talk to serial entrepreneur Eric Janszen.

Eric breaks down how he raised a staggering $1,324,916 for his startup, VirZOOM, with Wefunder, a game where fantasy and reality collide to keep you in shape!

In this episode, Eric reveals:

  • The challenges of this startup compared to his previous five
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to approach a launch like VirZOOM
  • The secrets to raising funds he’s learned from numerous startups

With Eric’s contributions to many successful projects, including Rock Band and Guitar Hero, this is definitely an episode you can’t afford to miss!

Resources and Tools Mentioned on the Show

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