Investor relations – How do you use them? (Guide)

Greeting Fellow investors!
In this video Lucas & Markus walk you though the investor relations of Microsoft and tell you how you can use the investor relations page in your investing! Investor relations is the most important tab on company homepages when investing, as it tells the investor in a structured way what you need to know about the company. In this video Lucas & Markus tell you what you can find on an investor relations page, what you should look for and what you do not have to look into as a fresh investor. The annual report for instance can be found on the investor relations page, as well as the press releases of companies, which we highly suggest you look through before investing in a company. We hope this guide on how to use the investor relations page of companies help you on your investing journey and that you check out our video on how to read financial statements (annual reports). Link:
And with that, as always, we wish you happy investing.