Postaga is the easiest way to build links, shares, and traffic to your website.

Normally, link-building outreach is incredibly time-consuming.

You have to manually research opportunities, search for contacts, and send out a ton of individual emails.

Postaga automates and streamlines all of it, so that in just a few minutes, you’ve built an entire outreach campaign.

And with different campaign types, you have several different ways to build traffic and find opportunities for promotion.

Let’s check out the different types of outreach campaigns you can do with Postaga.

First, there’s Mention Outreach, which will find other websites you’ve linked to in your blog posts, and help you reach out to those websites to get them to share and promote your post.

Next, there’s Reviews Outreach, which finds other blogs that have reviewed your competitors, enabling you to reach out to get them to review your product, app, or business.

Then there’s Resources outreach. You’ve probably come across blog posts with a title like “33 Resources to Make You a Better Public Speaker” where they link to many different sites and products. This campaign type helps you find those opportunities and reach out to the writers to get your post included.

We also have Tools Outreach. Many sites also write posts like, as an example, “19 Tools to Improve Your Photography” where they link to many different sites and products. This campaign type helps you find those opportunities and reach out to the writers to get your product included.

There’s Roundup Outreach. With Roundup Outreach, we find relevant blogs that regularly publish “roundup” articles that share other articles on a given topic or in a given industry, and get yours included in their next roundup.

There’s also Expertise outreach, where you can add your expert opinion to websites with posts featuring knowledgeable people offering expertise on your topic.

Lastly, you can always make a custom campaign of your choosing that scans URLs for contacts you can reach out to.

Now, let’s take a look at how to build a campaign in Postaga.

First, you’re going to need a great blog post, piece of content, or website that you’re going to do outreach for.

Once you have that, you can create a campaign by choosing a campaign type, and then entering your website or blog post’s URL.

Next, Postaga will analyze your post, finding key information and keywords to help build your campaign.

After that, Postaga will find your outreach opportunities and contacts.

While this will differ slightly depending on the campaign type, all you have to do is review the contacts and select who you want to reach out to.

Then, you can choose an email sequence to use for these contacts.

With Postaga, you can always create your own or use one of our templates, and personalize your emails how you’d like with AI-enhanced merge fields.

Postaga can even find key snippets related to your contacts to take personalization to the next level.

All that’s left is hitting the send button!

And just like that, in only a few minutes you have a complete outreach campaign from scratch thanks to Postaga.

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