Real Estate: Reg-A Offerings as a Pre-IPO (Regulation A Offering)

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What are REG-A offerings and how do they correlate to IPOs? In this video, Chris Loeffler, CEO of Caliber explains.

From this video:

Chris Loeffler: It is, you know, it’s a offering of common stock that’s publicly available. The difference is, the choice the company makes on: are they going to list that stock on the OTC, on an exchange, or are they going to list the stock on the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange? If they want to list it on a senior exchange, which is the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange, then they’re typically going to go through a secondary transaction, which is what Caliber is doing. And the benefit to that is, if I just take my Reg-A stock and list it online, I haven’t gotten an underwriter involved, I don’t have anybody that can support the stock in the aftermarket.

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