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Numerian Capital provides non-recourse Singapore stock loans and block purchases on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Our specialty is non-recourse stock loans, using Singapore securities as the only collateral.  A standard Numerian Capital Singapore (SGX) stock loan would be a 3-year Interest Only loan with a 4.5%-8.5% rate based on the collateral. With over 30 years of experience in lending, trading and shareholder relations, we are poised to help you find the right Singapore stock loan for your needs.

How Numerian Capital (SGX) Stock Loans Work

Sometimes referred to as securities lending, these short term stock loans are available to help shareholders and investors keep the stock they own while having access to fast cash they need to make other investments or to pay off debt.

Our Singapore Stock loan amounts are dependent on the security, the liquidity, number of shares, price, volatility, trading volume and additional criteria determined to secure, approve and fund the loan.  We offer several options for interest payments including monthly and quarterly during the life of the loan. We keep the process extremely easy and once you fully repay the loan, your stock is transferred back to you in full.

How to Qualify for a (SGX) Singapore Stock Loan

Any owner of a Non-Marginable (SGX) security is eligible and can be approved for a loan. The size of the stock loan can vary greatly depending on the borrower’s ability to handle the payments and structure of the loan.  Our loan process is quick, and turn times to money are usually within 48 hours of closing.

The Main Advantages of a Singapore Stock Loans

With stock loans or block trades, it’s all about flexibility.  A non-recourse stock loan in Singapore gives the borrower the opportunity to walk away from the loan at any time without affecting the borrowers credit score. These types of loans are much more appealing than traditional margin loans due to liability issues.  The stock loan structure is set up where no collateral and no personal guarantee is required.

Basic Requirements for a Numerian Capital Stock Loan-

✓ Minimum loan amount of $100,000 USD to $25,000,000

✓ Your stock must be free-trading free of restrictions or trading suspensions

✓ Private stock or stock that is not currently trading on an exchange is not eligible

✓ Loans are available to all shareholders worldwide regardless of country

✓ All loans are non-recourse with zero liability to the borrower

Numerian Capital Stock Loan Terms-

✓ Loan to Value up to 75% depending on securities

✓ Interest Only terms with competitive rates with lock up period 

✓ Terms 2-10 years

✓ All dividends paid directly to you and increases or buyouts/mergers you enjoy the benefit

As a direct lender, the only collateral is your stock withno credit or background checks.  We offer competitive loan-to-value ratios, based on market conditions, sector, stock performance and future performance. Typical loan-to-value ratios can range from 45-70%.

We offer competitive rates based on the current prime interest rate and loan terms of 12, 24, and 36 months.  Your privacy is important to us, so your transaction is always kept confidential with all personal information securely stored.

Get Your Singapore Stock Loan Today!

Applying for a Singapore stock loan takes less than 3-minutes! Learn More here and start the quick, easy process today and get your stock loan within 72 hours. Please click- APPLY FOR YOUR SINGAPORE STOCK LOAN TODAY