The Rules Governing Real Estate Offerings Under the Regulation D 506(C) Exemption

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When does the 506(c) exemption apply and when doesn’t it? In this video, Jillian Sidoti, Partner at Crowdfunding Lawyers, LLP explains.

From this video:

Jillian Sidoti: Only in the event that you’re doing one of two offerings that 506(c) where it’s to accredited investors only or what’s called a regulation-A offering which where you’re allowed to solicit anybody and mostly take money from anybody so long as you get approved by the Securities Exchange Commission. That’s a bigger type of offering. A lot of the bigger real estate developers use that. That’s what the fund risers of the world uses, that Regulation-A. But yes, you can still send out that e-mail so long as that offering is pursuant to 506(c) or Regulation-A.

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