After releasing a video answer to a question from one of our Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club members about what exactly is in Regulation D Rule 504 and Regulation D Rule 506(c), we decided to go back through and discuss the other exceptions as well.

Today we’ll discuss Regulation D Rule 506(c), what it is and why you would choose it, and what the restrictions are.

Very basically, Regulation D (aka Reg D) is an exemption from registering a security with the SEC (other than filing a Form D).

It makes it an offering of a security that’s exempt under these specific rules.

Local states do have their own requirements that also need a filing. Most of the time, it’s simply a form that says we are acting under Reg D, and this is the exemption.

Let’s go more into Regulation D Rule 506(c) and discuss why we would choose it and what sets it apart from other exceptions…